We aren’t just another doggie daycare and boarding facility.  We never ever want to be.  We pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe, and worry-free environment for your dog.


Everyday can be an adventure for your dog! We offer Canine Weight Loss programs and swimming in our 28,000 gallon dock diving pool!


They will be safe and sound with us! Your dog will sleep comfortable in his/her own private kennel with 24/7 support crew to watch over them while they slumber.


Camp Pupaway has friends in high places. We have joined forces with Sit Now Stay Dog Training to offer our clients the very best that Kansas City has to offer in Dog Training.

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Meet Our Camp Counselor of the Year!

Sierra Emberson

Sierra and her BFF Leo work hard everyday at training so that both continue to learn not only about each other, but also about what their possibilities are as a team.

Sierra is a Veterinary Technician and has worked in Specialty Hospitals in and around the Kansas City Area.

Her interest include weight lifting, physical fitness, dog training, canine conditioning, and group classes.

Sierra’s main focus at Camp Pupaway is training, however, she can’t help herself, but indulge in some good ole canine shenanigans with our day campers and boarders.

Next time your see Sierra, congratulate her on her nomination and award!

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Why Are We So Special?

For a very good reason. We started Camp Pupaway because we wanted a safe and fun place for dogs to spend their days.

For that reason we stacked our staff with the best Kansas City has to offer.  Professional dog trainers, specialty certified Veterinary Nurses, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants, and we even have a Veterinarian on hand to help us outline our safety protocols and policies.
How’s that for cream of the crop??

Our staff has been trained and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  They have also gone through extensive continuing education to learn about several dangers to pets such as Heat Stroke, Water Toxicity, GDV (Bloat), Parasitology, and Toxicology.

Our staff has also been through basic obedience training for dogs, as well as, canine behavior in order to identify possible personality conflicts in dogs.  We hope to never have to use it, but our staff has also been certified by a professional dog training on dog fight safety and how to properly break up a dog fight.
So we aren’t kidding when we say safety.
BUT…..We are also all about the fun!

We also wanted to offer more than just a bunch of dogs running around in a group crossing our fingers that a fight doesn’t break out.

We love taking our own dogs on adventures.  Adventures like hiking, swimming, FroYo, picnics, and jogging…. (that’s not true only like one of us can actually move faster than a brisk walk), but we like to have a good time with our pups.

We want your pup to enjoy their day as well.  So we offer day trips for all of our daycare and boarding dogs.
Don’t worry if swimming isn’t really your dog’s thang.  We have beach bums of our own that would rather lay under the umbrella and listen to some tunes!
Our adventure trips are designed to give your dog more human interaction, public socialization, and overall just a doggone great day!

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